Asset structuring and tax planning

Attain Wealth Advisory seeks to structure investments in the most appropriate vehicle.

In determining the most appropriate investment structure for clients to hold their investments in, there are seven main considerations that Attain Wealth Advisory will help you work through based on their individual’s circumstances. These are:

  • Cash flow: the necessity to access the money for foreseen and unforeseen events.
  • Social security: the potential impacts holding money in different structures can impact certain social security benefits.
  • Tax efficiencies: the potential drag on returns this could have in achieving their goals
  • Estate Planning: the importance to ensure the transfer of assets is done as seamlessly as possible
  • Asset Protection: the potential risks clients may be exposed to in different events
  • Costs to running the structure: the potential drag on returns in holding a structure 
  • Time and expertise requirements: adding more/different structures increase the complexities which some clients can be overwhelming and if it gets too complicated for clients then it can add more problems than it solves.

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